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Shotgun, STRAFE®

30 Apr 2016 / in Blog

As part of a Kickstarter reward, the guys at Pixel Titans asked me to re-create one of the weapons from their throwback shooter STRAFE®. The community would vote on one of three guns to be built and I’d craft winning piece! Also, one lucky backer would get the finished product as part of a fund […]

League of Legends NACC Trophy

11 Jan 2016 / in Blog

Riot Games sent me an email in March. They had a new collegiate-level competition for their game League of Legends, and they were looking for a huge trophy for the winners to hoist in victory. League championships are no stranger to fantastic awards, but the North American Collegiate Championship didn’t have their own yet. I […]

The Transistor (part 1: Construction)

19 Nov 2015 / in Blog

Having completed the Cael Hammer for the guys at Supergiant Games (which went over great at PAX East!) I was asked to recreate the Transistor from the similarly named game for use at their booth at PAX Prime. Much the same as the first project, new renders had to be made for this build to […]

Garuda’s Spine, Final Fantasy 14 (part 2)

24 Sep 2015 / in Blog

In part 1, each of the components had been constructed and were awaiting moldmaking. There are several very large pieces to this bow, and each had to be molded and cast in a specific way, so I’ll outline them from largest to least-largest. After wax and polish, the massive bow limbs were set into a […]

Garuda’s Spine, Final Fantasy 14 (part 1)

19 Jun 2015 / in Blog

In terms of scale, Garuda’s Spine is the largest prop I’ve built to date. The weapon itself is everything that epitomizes the world of JRPG excess: a seven-foot tall bow fitted with a shield crest and 40″ long fold out wings. The finished piece was intended for use with cosplay, and therefore had to be […]

Cael Hammer, Bastion

19 May 2015 / in Blog

I was very giddy on the day I got an email from the Art Director at Supergiant Games. Both Bastion and Transistor are personal favorites of mine and I jumped at the chance to be able to make something for this studio. They needed a copy of the Cael Hammer, a weapon wielded by The […]

Curse Gaming Awards, (part 2)

01 May 2015 / in Blog

For part 1 of this project, click here. At the end of part 1, the main sculpt of the dragon was finished, clearcoated and ready for molding. The finished castings would need to be pressure cast in order to make them completely clear, so the mold itself would have to be constructed in a very […]

Curse Gaming Awards (part 1)

13 Mar 2015 / in Blog

Curse Gaming approached me in late 2014 with a project: an award for employees who have been working for the company for 5 years or more. The idea was that a 3D clear representation of their dragon logo would be sculpted, molded, cast and mounted to a base. It needed to be something imposing too; […]

Scissor Blade, Kill la Kill

26 Feb 2015 / in Blog

You gotta love anime. If nothing else, it’s creative. The Scissor Blade is one half of an enormous pair of scissors, used like a sword by the main protagonist of Kill la Kill to wage war against sentient clothing in order to avenge the murder of her father. It’s also bright red and very cool […]

Magister’s Staff, Dragon Age

08 Jan 2015 / in Blog

It’s been a while since I made a staff, and the last iteration was from a fairly low resolution MMO that debuted back in 2002. A cosplayer attending DragonCon 2014 asked for a piece to compliment her upcoming Dragon Age costume, and since I’m a massive fan of that franchise, I jumped at the chance. […]