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Sophitia’s Omega Sword, Soul Calibur IV

26 Jan 2014 / in Blog

As a partner to the completed Elk Shield, I was asked to build a copy of Sophitia’s blade from Soul Calibur IV. The Omega Sword is actually quite similar to another weapon I’ve made a long time ago – Cassandra’s Digamma sword – but I wanted to try a few new techniques on this project. […]

Nightingale Bow, Skyrim

23 Nov 2013 / in Blog

I decided to build a weapon as a companion piece to the Ancient Nord armor built for DragonCon 2013. There’s no shortage of cool things to make from Skyrim, but I had only had three days to devote to the project and I wanted to use as many existing materials as possible. I haven’t ever […]

Needler, Halo 4/Reach

19 Sep 2013 / in Blog

The HALO Needler has been on my personal list of stuff I really want to make since I first played HALO: Combat Evolved back in college. The design has undergone a lot of changes in the past 12 years and 6 HALO titles it has appeared in, but it’s always remained one of my favorites. […]

Ancient Nord Armor, Skyrim

09 Sep 2013 / in Blog

It should come as absolutely no surprise that I’m a pretty big Skyrim fan. For DragonCon 2012 I made a set of Banded Iron armor for myself to go along with my helmet, axe and shield. I actually didn’t document that project on this blog, but instead detailed the process in a much more in-depth […]

Holophonor, Futurama

22 Jul 2013 / in Blog

At the beginning of the year I put a post up on my facebook page listing off some various replicas I wanted to make in the hopes that some people might ask me to build them. I feel like I do my best work when I’m really invested in a project, and it was my […]

Militech Crusher, Cyberpunk 2077

01 Jul 2013 / in Blog

Back in January I got an email from one of the PR reps at CD Projekt RED about a potential replica to showcase a new game from a familiar franchise. For those more into the tabletop RPG scene, the name Cyberpunk is probably an old favorite, and the guys at CD Projekt RED will be […]

Bird Splicer Mask, Bioshock

09 Apr 2013 / in Blog

I suppose it’s no secret that I’m a pretty big Bioshock fan. Infinite is just around the corner and I’m really looking forward to all the props that game will open up to me, but before that there was one thing still in Rapture I wanted to have a crack at building.If you’re like me […]

Sophitia’s Elk Shield, Soul Calibur IV

12 Mar 2013 / in Blog

I’m a bit behind on updates – there are still two full armor costumes from 2012 that I haven’t written up yet! That said, here’s a more recent project with a bit shorter (hah!) write-up that I hope will tide people over in the meantime while I chip away at my backlog. Sophitia’s Elk Shield. […]

Shield of Whiterun, Skyrim

25 Jan 2013 / in Blog

Since I made a set of Banded Iron Armor for my Dragon*Con 2012 costume, I decided I wanted to build a shield to go with the matched set. There are all sort of amazing and intricate shields in Skyrim, but unfortunately I only had about three days to make mineā€¦ so I chose something a […]

Combat Shotgun, Fallout

10 Dec 2012 / in Blog

I was commissioned recently to make a replica of the Terrible Shotgun (aesthetically identical to the Combat Shotgun) from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. If you’ve seen my previous AER-9 builds you know I’m a pretty big fan of the Fallout universe, and the Terrible Shotgun was a piece I’d wanted a chance to build […]