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GLaDOS Potato, Portal 2

01 Jun 2011 / in Blog

This was a fun project, done as a small add-on to the third (and final!) Portal Gun commissioned by the guys at VALVe Software in Seattle. While the additional potato-GLaDOS wasn’t a requested item, the release of Portal 2 prompted me to put one together before delivery. Due to the very short timeframe, I opted […]

Cassandra’s Digamma Sword

18 Apr 2011 / in Blog

Yes, MORE SoulCalibur love! Having already created Cassandra’s Nemea Shield and Pauldrons, I rounded out the set with her Digamma shortsword. Its a bit of an odd piece – the blade is extraordinarily thick and decorated with raised Greek lettering. After gathering a lot of reference, I created a set of blueprints to reference during […]

Daft Punk Helmet (Thomas): Part 1

27 Feb 2011 / in Blog

I suppose it was an inevitability. Just like you can’t have Link without Zelda, Big Daddies without Little Sisters, and Master Chief without Cortana (well, except for that stretch in Halo 2, but we can all agree that was the weakest one in the trilogy) my Guy helmet was only half of the full set. […]

Cassandra’s Nemea Shield

20 Jan 2011 / in Blog

A continuation on a theme, as it were. I’m kind of backlogged with a few entries I need to write; this project was actually finished in September 2010. As I mentioned in the Cassandra’s Pauldron’s post, my original project was to make the Digamma Sword and Nemea Shield from Soul Calibur IV. This post will […]

Cassandra’s Pauldrons

18 Dec 2010 / in Blog

The SoulCalibur series has been one of my favorite gaming franchises for a long time. Since SC2, my go-to character has been Cassandra, as much for her fighting style as her snarky commentary and character design. Don’t make excuses. A loss is a loss. – Cassandra As a personal project of mine, I had decided […]

Portal Gun for Child’s Play

22 Nov 2010 / in Blog

On January 20, 2009 I took a photograph of a project. At the beginning, the intent had been to get it done in time for Halloween 2008, but that deadline came and passed far too quickly for me to make it in time. Instead, the piece was quietly wrapped up over the holidays. Before going […]

Daft Punk Handplates

25 Oct 2010 / in Blog

It just makes sense, really. If you have the helmet then you’re going to need the gloves to go with it. You might recall my vacuumformer build from a few months back. My reason for creating that tool was to eventually create a set of Daft Punk glove pieces. This all stemmed from a very […]

Ultramarines Bolt Pistol – Warhammer 40k

07 Oct 2010 / in Blog

I got an email a couple of weeks ago, followed by a phone call. You’ll forgive me if the exact details are a bit fuzzy, but the conversation involved an inquiry into getting a replica bolt pistol from the upcoming movie Ultramarines, based in the Warhammer 40k universe. It went something like… Them: “Any interest […]

N7 Armor & Dragon*Con 2010 Recap

11 Sep 2010 / in Blog

Alternate title: How to make your very own Foamshep. So, Dragon*Con 2010  (shameless link to an awesome recap video by my friends over at loomed in the horizon and I had found myself without a costume. Long time readers may recall that last year I put together a Big Daddy costume from Bioshock, setting […]

Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle

24 Aug 2010 / in Blog

It feels good to be able to build some stuff for myself again! The Daft Punk helmet was my last active commission for a little while, and for the next few months, I’ll be concentrating on personal projects…. like this one. I’ve been a huge Mass Effect fan for a while now, and with the […]