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Kraken Club revisited

15 Jul 2009 / in Blog

Normally I don’t think I’d make a post about reproducing the same prop I’ve already shown, but I REALLY liked the weathering on this one, so I decided I’d share. After doing numerous copies of the original club, I got an order for a more interpretive piece. According to the canon in Final Fantasy XI, […]

Hei’s Daggers (Darker than Black)

22 Jun 2009 / in Blog

I was commissioned to make 2 replicas of the daggers that Hei uses in the anime series Darker than Black Since I was making 2 of these and they’re symmetrical, I decided to sculpt one half of the blade. This would be molded and cast 4 times in resin, then the resin halves assembled to […]

the Kraken Club (Final Fantasy XI)

31 May 2009 / in Blog

The Kraken Club is a rather imposing club weapon in Final Fantasy XI. They’re most noted for their desirability and very high cost in-game. Also, they look damn cool. I started by tracing some in-game screenshots into a vector file and cutting the basic shapes from MDF. The club head and neck were pieces of […] “Mr. Destructoid” helmet

17 Mar 2009 / in Blog

Yanier (Niero), the founder of, commissioned me to replicate his mascot “Mr. Destructoid” for their website’s three-year anniversary. Their original mascot had served faithfully for years, but Yanier wanted an upgrade. My design direction was “Chibi, but like a Transformer” Fun times! After deciding on dimensions and schematics, I transferred my design from printouts […]

Bioshock Little Sister ADAM Syringe

24 Feb 2009 / in Blog

The Little Sisters from Bioshock are among the creepiest characters I’ve ever seen in a videogame. Their syringes, used for extracting ADAM are even moreso, with vials of genetic material in a glass that the sisters suck from dead bodies, then drink. ugh. I have to compliment the designers at 2K Games, their research on […]

Portal Gun

29 Jan 2009 / in Blog

So, one day I decided to make a Portal gun. It turns out the internet really likes Portal, and also really likes my gun. UPDATE: I have a new entry for a rebuild of this project, which goes into more detail. Click HERE for that write up! I made this for my girlfriend Emily, who […]

Link’s Master Sword

01 Oct 2008 / in Blog

I had planned on going to a convention here in Atlanta in September, but didn’t really think of the fact that most conventions don’t really like you huffing around a steel sword. Unfortunately, the one I used for my Link costume was steel, and I had 8 days until the convention to figure out what […]

Midna’s Helm

09 Sep 2008 / in Blog

Midna is an interesting character. You don’t want to like her, but as the game progresses, you can’t help but find yourself drawn to the little imp. Her helm is a particularly interesting piece of sculpture, one of four pieces of the “Fused Shadow” that you’re sent to collect in the beginning stages of Zelda: […]

Hylian Shield

15 Aug 2008 / in Blog

Link’s Hylean shield. Much like the sword I built, this was done in a week and mostly just “eyeballed” with regards to sizing and dimensions. I cleaned up a lot of the edges from “V1″ to V1.1” that you see here. Side Shot. The curve of the shield right now is far too shallow, and […]