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Magister’s Staff, Dragon Age

08 Jan 2015 / in Blog

It’s been a while since I made a staff, and the last iteration was from a fairly low resolution MMO that debuted back in 2002. A cosplayer attending DragonCon 2014 asked for a piece to compliment her upcoming Dragon Age costume, and since I’m a massive fan of that franchise, I jumped at the chance. […]

Captain Ahab, Sunset Overdrive

14 Nov 2014 / in Blog

Back in June I got an invite from my buddy Frank Ippolito to fly out to LA and visit E3. As I’m someone who has a passing interest in video games, I bought a plane ticket immediately. E3 was a great time, and I spent a lot of my hours on the floor walking from […]

The Marriott Chariot

11 Sep 2014 / in Blog

You’re never too old for a go-kart. When I was growing up, there were two things with which my mother forbade me ownership: BB guns and a go-kart. At some point my dad slipped a BB gun under the radar (I think my mom will find out about that when she reads this blog post) […]

Fishbones, League of Legends

11 Jul 2014 / in Blog

This has to be one of my favorite weapon designs of all time. When Jinx was announced for League of Legends, the shark cannon in her reveal video grabbed my attention immediately, but the change to a purple/blue paint scheme placed this on my “must build” list. Fishbones needed illuminated eyes and a moving jaw, […]

Planet Express Ship, Futurama (part 2)

23 Mar 2014 / in Blog

At the end of part 1, the Planet Express ship was earning its name in shape only; I had a Futurama ship, but it needed a coat of electric mucus in order to look the part. My master sculpt is also quite fragile and will need molding and casting before the parts can be finished […]

Planet Express Ship, Futurama (part 1)

Planex part 1 BG
23 Mar 2014 / in Blog

This is going to be a 2-parter, since the total mass of the entire build log would be enough to crush most RSS readers. I’ve been told I can be a bit long winded when summarizing my process, but I prefer to think of it as “thorough.” From my previous Holophonor build you might guess […]

DIY Spray Booth (or “How I learned to love sheet metal”)

07 Feb 2014 / in Blog

I recently spent the winter months moving into a new workspace. For the entirety of my career building props, I’ve made do in the less-used rooms of my house as well as my garage. This finally reached critical mass around October, and I no longer had the floor space needed for new tools and my […]

Sophitia’s Omega Sword, Soul Calibur IV

26 Jan 2014 / in Blog

As a partner to the completed Elk Shield, I was asked to build a copy of Sophitia’s blade from Soul Calibur IV. The Omega Sword is actually quite similar to another weapon I’ve made a long time ago – Cassandra’s Digamma sword – but I wanted to try a few new techniques on this project. […]

Nightingale Bow, Skyrim

23 Nov 2013 / in Blog

I decided to build a weapon as a companion piece to the Ancient Nord armor built for DragonCon 2013. There’s no shortage of cool things to make from Skyrim, but I had only had three days to devote to the project and I wanted to use as many existing materials as possible. I haven’t ever […]

Needler, Halo 4/Reach

19 Sep 2013 / in Blog

The HALO Needler has been on my personal list of stuff I really want to make since I first played HALO: Combat Evolved back in college. The design has undergone a lot of changes in the past 12 years and 6 HALO titles it has appeared in, but it’s always remained one of my favorites. […]