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PUBG European League Trophy

06 Jul 2019 / in

As part of a suite of new designs for 2019, we were contacted by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to create 3 new designs for their top tier Esports tournaments. The second of the three was for the European League, known as the PEL.

Similar to the NPL Trophy created just weeks prior, we had a very short timetable for production and delivery. From first initial concept sketches to finished replica, this project came together in a little under four weeks. The PEL team wanted a design that would look to be in the same visual style and family as the silver chrome NPL trophy, but with a visual distinction that would make this piece unique to the European League. Sitting 24″ tall and plated in 24k gold, it’s quite impressive under bright competition stage lighting and serves as a statement piece both the PEL and the winning teams.