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Emily’s Crossbow (The Blacksparrow) Dishonored 2

04 Jan 2017 / in

Created for the release of Dishonored 2, Emily’s Crossbow (internally referred to as the “Blacksparrow”) is comprised of over 60 individual components including a hand carved Sapele hardwood stock. All of the separate parts assemble via screws and bolts; the completed replica requires no glue in order to hold it together. The final replica employed the use […]

Sivir’s Chakram, League of Legends

13 Jun 2016 / in

Commissioned by Riot Games for Penny Arcade Expo East 2016 as a partner to my Fishbones prop, this is a replica of the four-bladed chakram from the default Sivir character skin. With the game artwork being somewhat low resolution in League of Legends, new source art was created that follows the design language of Shurima […]

Fishbones (V2), League of Legends

25 Jan 2016 / in

Commissioned by Riot Games, this battle damaged and rusty Fishbones is based off the weapon artwork in Jinx’s character reveal cinematic “Get Jinxed”. While this is the second Fishbones I’ve completed, many of the parts still needed to be hand-shaped (such as the armor plates, handles and back fin) making this replica as much of […]

Strafe Shotgun

02 Dec 2015 / in

Created as a promotional piece as part of Pixel Titans’ Kickstarter for their retro first person shooter STRAFE, the Strafe Shotgun may look like a real weapon, but don’t let the high resolution graphics native to the world of Strafe fool you. What you see here is a non-firing replica! The pixelated appearance was lifted […]

Amiga, Bombshell

25 Oct 2015 / in

For Penny Arcade Expo 2015, 3D Realms wanted a replica of their highly complex cybernetic arm “Amiga” from their upcoming title Bombshell. The arm itself was modeled in very high detail to expedite the build process. Start to finish, this piece was constructed in only four weeks. This project was a collaboration between my studio […]

Garuda’s Spine, Final Fantasy XIV

18 May 2015 / in

Garuda’s Spine is the largest single item I’ve built to date and was the culmination of many hundreds of hours of work. Commissioned as a cosplay accessory, the project went into full excess when my client said his deadline was malleable and I could take my time to get all of the details perfect. The […]

Cael Hammer, Bastion

03 Mar 2015 / in

The Cael Hammer was built for Supergiant Games to display at Penny Arcade Expo East 2015. This replica was used in a photobooth by convention attendees, and has been constructed to be both lightweight and durable in order to withstand thousands of pairs of hands wielding it over the course of a three day weekend. […]

High Fidelity, Sunset Overdrive

16 Dec 2014 / in

Built for Microsoft and Insomniac Games to showcase the Xbox One title Sunset Overdrive, this weapon is part of a collective build of 2 replicas built in collaboration with the studio Hex Mortis. The gun breaks down into component parts for transport and shipping and was built largely with 3D printed parts to save on […]

Curse Gaming Awards

07 Dec 2014 / in

Curse Gaming needed a 3-dimensional version of their flame dragon logo created to serve as a trophy for part of an employee awards program. The project brief specified a statue of around one foot tall, tinted red and translucent to emulate flame, with significant weight so the trophies felt substantial. The initial order called for […]

Scissor Blade, Kill la Kill

02 Dec 2014 / in

An absolutely ludicrous weapon, the Scissor Blade is one half of a giant pair of scissors wielded as a sword and used to disable sentient malevolent clothing.  Anime plots never make sense once they’ve been spelled out. This scissor blade is four feet long and was cast with a 3/8″ steel rod inserted into the […]