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Diablo 4 Weapons for Blizzcon 2019

07 Feb 2020 / in

For the reveal of the much-anticipated Diablo IV at Blizzcon, our studio was tasked with filling out the weapons rack showcase for the “Diablo Experience” – a themed area in the Anaheim Convention Center where Blizzcon attendees could get an up-close look at real world assets from the world of Diablo created by various artists […]

Kaalgrontiid, Elder Scrolls Online

06 Feb 2020 / in

To promote the #SlayDragonsSaveCats event held in Elder Scrolls Online, our studio was hired to create two busts of the elder dragon Kaalgrontiid for Bethesda Softworks. Entrants who fought dragons in-game generated real world donations from Bethesda toward non-profit animal assistance groups and were simultaneously entered to win prizes like our sculpt! Kaalgrontiid is over […]

Poltergust G-00, Luigi’s Mansion 3

23 Jan 2020 / in

When Nintendo wanted to let industry influencers feel what it was like to wear the iconic Poltergust from the Luigi’s Mansion series, they reached out to Volpin Props to create the most accurate version of this complex vacuum to ever be created. Debuting at a special preview event for games industry press and brand ambassadors, […]

Book of Rites, Pyre

10 Jan 2020 / in

For PAX 2019, our friends at Supergiant Games contracted Volpin Props to continue our tradition of bringing iconic items from their titles to life. 2019 marked the 10-year anniversary of Supergiant showcasing their debut title Bastion at PAX 2009, and their anniversary booth would feature a replica from each of their titles over the years […]

MOA, Warframe

14 Aug 2019 / in

The Moa, a customizable robotic companion in Warframe, was constructed for Tennocon 2019. Built as a highlight piece for fans to see in person during their own convention for all things Warframe, we built and shipped this sculpture in 4 weeks for his Canadian debut! Our Moa is constructed of roughly 250 digitally sculpted components, […]

Benares, Honkai Impact 3rd

14 Aug 2019 / in

Benares is a nine foot tall, ten foot wide, smoke breathing armored dragon built in 20 days for her debut at Anime Expo 2019. As one of the main boss battles in Honkai Impact 3rd, Benares is a massive and imposing opponent, capable of crushing the player character with massive claws or swatting at them […]

League of Legends MSI Opening Ceremonies Mask

14 Aug 2019 / in

A combination of traditional eastern art and a splash of futurepunk were mashed up to create the center stage violinist’s mask for the Riot Games’ 2019 Mid Season Invitational. Created with lightweight epoxies and foams, comfort and visibility for the musician was key in creating this piece. Since the artist was on the other side […]

WRATH Shotgun

09 Apr 2019 / in

Our third project for 3D Realms after a sentient robot arm and a glowing sci-fi crossbow followed the established trends of subtlety, restraint and delicate form that this publisher has become known for. Naturally, a four foot long 2-bore shotgun with glowing etched runes was next on the list. This replica debuted alongside the game […]

Blizzcon 2018 Replica Weapons, Diablo 3

09 Apr 2019 / in

For Blizzcon 2018 and the release of the Diablo 3 Eternal Edition for Nintendo Switch, we were tasked with bringing seven iconic weapons from the Diablo universe to life. Each weapon represents one of the classes in Diablo 3 – from Barbarian to Wizard, they’re all here! Creation of the weapons was specific to the […]

Ion Maiden Crossbow

08 Apr 2019 / in

As a follow up to our 2017 Bombshell project for 3D Realms, we were asked to produce one of the weapons from Ion Maiden, a prequel to Bombshell and the second title in the series from the development studio Voidpoint. This crossbow first debuted alongside Ion Maiden at PAX South 2019. Finished in a dark […]