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Axe of the Black Labyrinth, Amid Evil

18 Jun 2018 / in

To promote their upcoming title Amid Evil, New Blood Interactive contracted Volpin Props to replicate their feature weapon from the game, the elaborately titled “Axe of the Black Labyrinth” The axe was showcased at PAX East 2018 and used in photo opportunities with attendees. Two flexible foam copies were also produced for future convention appearances […]

Voidsteel Helmet, Elder Scrolls Online

08 Mar 2018 / in

Part two of our promotional partnership for The Elder Scrolls Online! We recreated the Voidsteel Helmet and shipped it off to one lucky winner. Lacking in-game assets, the helmet was first digitally re-sculpted in ZBrush before 3D printing and assembly. To ensure a sturdy and durable replica, this printed piece was molded and cast from […]

The Elder Scroll, Skyrim

03 Feb 2018 / in

Created as a sweepstakes prize for the release of an expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online, two copies of the enigmatic Elder Scrolls from which Bethesda’s long running series were created by our studio in 2017. These replicas followed the designs in Skyrim and ESO. Master sculpts were hand turned to produce molds and urethane […]

Shadow Sharpshot Bow, Horizon Zero Dawn

24 Dec 2017 / in

The art direction in Horizon: Zero Dawn is as captivating as the gameplay, and we set out to recreate Aloy’s Carja Blazon Heavy armor set along with the Shadow Sharpshot bow as a set of personal projects in 2017. The bow itself is comprised of twelve cast urethane components with dozens of beads, leather, elastic […]

Ancient Nord Armor, Skyrim

07 May 2017 / in

This armor was created as an extension of the Nightingale Bow and Ancient Nord Helmet projects as a costume piece for DragonCon 2012. All leather and cloth parts are the work of the model shown in these photos, Emily Krix. Armor plates are created out of worbla, EVA foam and steel rivets. Weathering on each […]

Curse Employee Shield

Created as the 2017 partner to the Curse Broadsword, this shield will be used to adorn the offices of each Curse employee of the month for one year. The shield itself is a custom design penned by the artists at the Atlanta SFX studio Hex Mortis. The Curse dragon and orange colors feature prominently on this […]

The Transistor, Transistor

11 Apr 2017 / in

One of our most electronically ambitious projects, the Transistor was created for Supergiant Games as a photobooth accessory similar to the Cael Hammer project from Bastion. Attendees at PAX could pose with the blade and get photos emailed from the event, which was a huge opportunity for various cosplayers to act out all sorts of […]

Emily’s Crossbow (The Blacksparrow) Dishonored 2

04 Jan 2017 / in

Created for the release of Dishonored 2, Emily’s Crossbow (internally referred to as the “Blacksparrow”) is comprised of over 60 individual components including a hand carved Sapele hardwood stock. All of the separate parts assemble via screws and bolts; the completed replica requires no glue in order to hold it together. The final replica employed the use […]

Sivir’s Chakram, League of Legends

13 Jun 2016 / in

Commissioned by Riot Games for Penny Arcade Expo East 2016 as a partner to my Fishbones prop, this is a replica of the four-bladed chakram from the default Sivir character skin. With the game artwork being somewhat low resolution in League of Legends, new source art was created that follows the design language of Shurima […]

Fishbones (V2), League of Legends

25 Jan 2016 / in

Commissioned by Riot Games, this battle damaged and rusty Fishbones is based off the weapon artwork in Jinx’s character reveal cinematic “Get Jinxed”. While this is the second Fishbones I’ve completed, many of the parts still needed to be hand-shaped (such as the armor plates, handles and back fin) making this replica as much of […]