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League of Legends Academy League Trophy

09 Apr 2019 / in

Following our projects for the LCS Championship trophies and multiple winner’s trophies, Riot Games approached our studio with a request for their Academy League tournament – an event which allows the solo players to play in a tournament environment with new teammates before proceeding to larger tournaments like LCS. This award was created to emulate […]

Hearthstone Global Games Trophy and Medals

18 Jan 2019 / in

For Hearthstone’s 2018 Global Games World Championship, Blizzard requested an antiqued treasure piece to represent the championship trophy.  With the beautiful design work of Jonah Lobe, we created a 26″H antiqued brass piece with illuminated mana swirl elements and a weathered cloth banner.  The central tower is a solid clear blue casting, cored out to […]

Riot World Champion Figurines

05 Dec 2018 / in

For the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, Riot Games created a unique music video to showcase signature players within their competitive eSports leagues. Reimagined as stylized Summoners from the game, Volpin Props was hired to recreate the characters in the music video in figurine form for each of the players themselves! At 8″ tall, […]

Arena of Valor World Cup

28 Jul 2018 / in

For the inaugural Arena of Valor US World Championship, our client requested a trophy to best represent the grandeur of the 2018 event and the game itself. The finished design is comprised of 9 individually sculpted and cast components, each plated in 24k gold before masking for gloss black paint to accent areas of negative […]

Overwatch World Championship + MVP Trophies

18 Jun 2018 / in

Created for the Overwatch World Championship to serve as the perennial Overwatch award for the World Championship series going forward, the OWWC Trophy is one of the tallest pieces we’ve built to date! Measuring nearly 3′ in total height and plated in 24K gold, this award weighs in at 25lbs! The clear cast globe at […]

Heroes of the Storm World Championship

18 Jun 2018 / in

For Blizzcon 2017 and beyond, Blizzard wanted a new Championship trophy for their Heroes of the Storm franchise. This was designed to follow the aesthetic of their Mid Season trophy, with all of the design dials turned up a few clicks. Bigger, shinier, more parts, and way heavier! The HotS Championship trophy incorporates a significant […]

Curse Employee Helmet

Continuing the theme from our previous awards for the team members at Curse, this helmet was created as the 2018 Curse Employee of the Month Award. Penned by Zach Fischer Illustration to build on design elements from our 2016 Broadsword and 2017 Shield, this piece was first modeled by Wooden Leg Studios prior to rapid prototyping. In […]

Hearthstone INNvitational Award

05 Mar 2018 / in

Our first pun-based eSports trophy! The Hearthstone INNvitational took place at Blizzcon 2017 and featured 12 of the best Hearthstone players battling in a round-robin 3-person team format for the first time in the history of Blizzcon. We were tasked with bringing to life a large element of the logo – the tavern window in […]

Heroes of the Storm Mid Season Trophy

02 Mar 2018 / in

In 2017 we started our eSports and prop fabrication relationship with Blizzard, producing twelve individual pieces over the span of six months. One of the first of the completed projects from our studio was the Heroes of the Storm trophy for their Mid Season competition. This would be followed up Blizzcon a few months later […]

Superleague Gaming “City Champs” trophy

23 Dec 2017 / in

Superleague Gaming approached us wanting an eSports award that spoke to the core element behind their organization; teams are assembled from local talent and compete on behalf of their cities for the annual City Champs prize. Our design features a crystal skyline rising from a large faceted central gem. The trophy was also requested to […]