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Hellboy “The Good Samaritan” Pistol Raw Casting Kit; Limited Edition

Hellboy “The Good Samaritan” Pistol Raw Casting Kit; Limited Edition


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LIMITED TO TEN KITS! Delivery by end of May is guaranteed if ordered before April 30th. Finished photos are for reference of a final prop only! This is a kit and will need painting and finishing!

This kit is for one set of urethane resin castings of “The Good Samaritan” pistol from the Hellboy franchise.¬† One kit contains 28 parts: (3) Grip components, Cylinder, Cylinder Frame, Trigger and Guard, Hammer, Top-Break Release and Hinge, Barrel and Guides, Gas Tube and Brace, and (4) Bullets and Cartridge Casings.¬†Urethane castings will be gray; white parts are shown for photo reference only.

Once assembled, this kit will articulate the trigger and break lever mechanism. The cylinder can be loaded with shells and will also rotate. Check out the video below for a full turnaround.

This limited run of 10 kits will include all hardware for assembly including screws, dowel pins, threaded inserts and springs for trigger and break lever functionality. Inserts for the grip as well as the grip butt plate will be cold cast aluminum and all shells will be cold cast brass.

This kit will require sanding of seam lines and light filling in some areas. Buyers familiar with prop kits will find this easy to assemble with a minimal amount of prep work needed before finishing.


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