Apex Legends ALGS Championship Trophies

Apex Legends kicked off their inaugural global Esports series – the ALGS – in 2021 and wanted a unique cup as the centerpiece of the event. This would not only be a visual identity element for the team at Respawn, but each of the 5 winning regional teams would receive their own copy of the ALGS cup to display at their headquarters!

The design was chosen as a nod to conventional trophy designs but with a set of visual twists that place it firmly in the world of Esports. Red volcanic glass elements spiral up a flat black cup base, splitting the trophy and providing a strong field of color to accent the Apex gold. Those gold elements are hand-laid 24k gold leaf, each one slightly different and unique to the individual trophy.

Six in total were produced; while one lives permanently at EA headquarters, the others are scattered over the globe!