Apex Legends Global Series Winner’s Kits

Apex Legends kicked off their inaugural global Esports series – the ALGS – in 2021 and wanted to celebrate the victory of their winning players in a unique and special way. While the winning teams would each take home a full scale duplicate of the ALGS cup, each player received one of these winner’s kits.

Inside a themed orange shipping crate was a replica of the Apex Loot Tick as well as the Supply Crate from the game. The supply crate doubles as both a replica and a display case for an 8″ tall copy of the ALGS cup. Players also received a custom embroidered hat and themed letter from Respawn thanking them for their participation in the ALGS.

The Loot Ticks stand 10″ tall and have a width from leg to leg of 12″. Each face has a different LED color for the eye illumination – Purple, Gold and Blue – representing the various loot tiers in the game. In order to ensure a safe delivery, the Loot Ticks shipped unassembled with instructions on how to attach their legs and display base. We took great strides to ensure a replica that exactly matched in-game references; each Loot Tick contains over 60 individual parts, all modeled for 3D fabrication from scratch based on game models.

Similar efforts went into scaling the Supply Crate – an in-game item the size of a small car – down to its final 14″ width. For durability and ease of production, each component of the crate was cast in dyed urethane before being weathered to its final battered finish. Inside, a felt-lined trophy-shaped pocket keeps the mini ALGS cup snug and safe for both shipping and display.

This project was completed in just over 4 weeks and the final parts tally was well over 2,500 individual pieces! We’re proud to have played such a large part in making the inaugural ALGS something truly special