Ancient Nord Armor, Skyrim

This armor was created as an extension of the Nightingale Bow and Ancient Nord Helmet projects as a costume piece for DragonCon 2012. All leather and cloth parts are the work of the model shown in these photos, Emily Krix.

Armor plates are created out of worbla, EVA foam and steel rivets. Weathering on each panel was extensive to emulate the look of long-neglected equipment, as this particular armor can only be found in the world of Skyrim on ghosts and draugr living in crypts. Ferrous powder was used to recreate real rust, and much care was taken in the selection of the many aqua-colored gem stones to match game reference files. Real stones were cut and polished to shape before being inset into various armor panels.

Photography shown here courtesy of the very talented Kyle Matthew Williams

For more information on the creation of this armor, please check out this blog write up on the project!