Scavenger Mech Installation; Armored Core VI

After our creation of Miriel in 2022, Bandai Namco reached out to us to create a massive sculpture for the launch of From Software’s upcoming sixth game in the Armored Core series: Fires of Rubicon. This statue would need to be installed at several venues during a press tour leading up to the launch of the game at the end of August 2023. It would also need to be installed outdoors at all locations and withstand the sun and heat of a California summer!

Our AC is composed of 14 body components that disassemble for shipping and transportation. Each component is a combination of CNC machined tooling foam and hollow lightweight 3D printed components that save on weight and enable the sculpture to be mounted to a freestanding temporary wall. A series of smoke tubes runs through the body, exiting out of the thruster exhausts, which combines with LED illumination to simulate the effect of the AC firing off it’s maneuvering jets. More LEDs in the eyes and navigation pod combine with faux rust and chipped paint to simulate the aesthetic of the in-game mech. Even with only 1/4 of the mech represented in our sculpture, the final scale is massive: 12′ tall and just over 14′ wide.

Fan reception of the AC has been extremely positive with a large international audience keen to know specific details about this life-sized replica ahead of the game launch. Fans at San Diego Comic Con were able to view the mech up close and pose for photos, while industry press and influencers got to see it in a more intimate setting during a private launch event in Anaheim.


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