Battlegrounds Crown, Hearthstone

For Blizzcon’s virtual experience in February 2021, our friends at Hearthstone came back to us for more real-life representations of their fanciful artwork to be showcased during their livestream event. Battlegrounds, one of the most popular Hearthstone play variants, features a prominent crown in its logo – and Blizzard wanted the winner of the Hearthstone tournament to win one for themselves! Since completing this piece, we’ve gone on to finish two additional copies for the staff at Blizzard. 

Our crown is cast urethane, painted with chrome effect silver to emulate the hammered steel aesthetic of the Battlegrounds logo. Not knowing who the winner of the tournament would be, we went with a one-size-fits-all approach, adding in a velvet cap to the crown interior in case the eventual owner’s head wouldn’t fit the rim properly. A custom cast gem completed the look, dyed vibrant pink with metallic pearl accents and a mirrored