Book of Rites, Pyre

For PAX 2019, our friends at Supergiant Games contracted Volpin Props to continue our tradition of bringing iconic items from their titles to life. 2019 marked the 10-year anniversary of Supergiant showcasing their debut title Bastion at PAX 2009, and their anniversary booth would feature a replica from each of their titles over the years – this included creating a piece from Pyre: The Book of Rites.

Utilizing a combination of bookbinding techniques, the 300-page tome was replicated down to the smallest details. Ribbon chapter markers were dyed to match specific game art hues, the complex “eye” on the front cover was turned from a solid block of clear resin over a hand painted star, and antique cowhide leather was used in the binding cover to emulate the color patterning and hue shifts in the game’s painterly style. Three days of detail painting followed assembly, accenting leather patterns and strapping to give the final piece it’s otherworldly aesthetic from the Downside.

Studio Photos by:  Dan Almasy