Raze’s Boom Bot, Valorant

Riot Games wanted some in-game artifacts displayed in the new Valorant Esports Arena for the inaugural season of their North American Esports series, VCT Americas. In addition to creating a new pair of Valorant Spikes for display, we brought to life two copies of Raze’s Boom Bot, complete with LED lighting effects and an animated face panel!

The Boom Bot was 3D modeled from scratch for fabrication using game assets as reference. Parts were designed to be as game-accurate as possible while including cavities and channels to allow lighting and a small display screen. Each copy is comprised of 60 individual components, all painted to match in-game references for color, wear and tear. A 3″ wide LCD screen plays a series of randomized glitch/blink animations providing personality to our little bot while making sure there’s no video loop to ruin the effect. Graffiti elements were traced from game art in order to be replicated at print resolution, while the brighter graffiti explosions on the bot’s shell were painted and pinstriped by hand. The Boom Bot is about the size of a volleyball and fits perfectly in your palm!

Along with the Boom Bots themselves, two illuminated display plinths with clear acrylic covers were fabricated to keep the bot dust free and in prime display condition. These stands also include internal power supplies to keep the Boom Bot blinking for as long as he’s plugged in!