Cael Hammer, Bastion

We actually built the Cael Hammer for Supergiant Games twice; once to display at Penny Arcade Expo East back 2015 and a second time three years later as a give away for fans in 2018! This video highlights the giveaway piece, while the 2015 replica was used in at the PAX photobooth by convention attendees. Both were constructed to be lightweight and durable in order to withstand con attendees as well as any potential cosplay the winner might like to do with this huge relic of Caelondia. Since Bastion is an isomorphic perspective game, a new high-poly render was created by Supergiant Games studio artists specifically for this project, and we based our replicas off those 3D models.

Fully assembled the Cael Hammer is 44 inches long but the weight has been kept to just under 3.5lbs. A recessed threaded rod between the handle and the hammer splits the piece into two parts for easy shipping!