Corsair LL500 PC Case Fan

Corsair kicked off their annual “Fan Month” for 2021 with a video highlighting their latest (fictional) offering: an enormous copy of their RGB Pro Performance case fan built by our studio at about 400% normal scale. Their motto? Bigger Fan = Bigger Cooling!

The LL500 got its name from its designed 500mm height and width. Not just a static replica, this fan is fully functional. A high speed gear motor and belt drive system moves the fan blades at speeds from 30 to 400rpm. Also included in the design was a series of Corsair’s own RGB illuminated strips, which makes our huge copy controllable by Corsair’s hardware and software!

This fan was designed in-house and produced in less than one week to accommodate Corsair’s announcement and video schedule. We’re looking forward to making even more oversized PC items for future events!