Curse Employee Broadsword

The people at Curse don’t approach employee rewards in the same manner as many other companies. People that have worked for Curse for 5 years or more are gifted one of the Curse dragons found elsewhere in my portfolio. If you happen to work at their Huntsville office, you gain one month ownership of the broadsword shown in the gallery below, and your name gets engraved into the blade itself.

Various design elements are borrowed from previous Curse projects – the dragon heads that sit in the center of the cross guard are actually direct copies taken from the 5 year awards. The blade itself is a single piece of 1/4″ thick 6061 aluminum; strong enough to support the weight of the huge hilt while also being soft enough to accept the monthly engraving the blade will undergo as part of the rewards program. The resin cast cross guard was created with a recessed slot along the center axis, allowing the blade tang to extend fully into the handle for added strength and durability.

Completed, the sword is nearly 5′ tall and weighs close to 12lbs. A 15lb display base, weighted with concrete, helps keep everything shiny side up.