Curse Employee Helmet

Continuing the theme from our previous awards for the team members at Curse, this helmet was created as the 2018 Curse Employee of the Month Award. Penned by Zach Fischer Illustration to build on design elements from our 2016 Broadsword and 2017 Shield, this piece was first modeled by Wooden Leg Studios prior to rapid prototyping.

In order to maintain the exclusivity of this award, no molds were created of the final piece and only the initial prototype exists as the finished model. The helmet was 3D printed in ABS using very rigid and durable settings, then heat welded together to create a single uniform part. Finishing work was done by hand for an ultra smooth high gloss surface prior to urethane paint, clearcoat and weathering.

Also included were several variable thicknesses of padding to allow people with different head sizes to wear the helmet. A display stand complete with each winner’s name engraved into it showcases this work on the Curse office walls.