Curse Employee Shield

Created as the 2017 partner to the Curse Broadsword, this shield will be used to adorn the offices of each Curse employee of the month for one year. The shield itself is a custom design penned by the artists at the Atlanta SFX studio Hex Mortis. The Curse dragon and orange colors feature prominently on this design as with my other work for this studio.

This piece measures 30″ tall, just over 2″ thick and weighs a little over 5lbs. The center section is composed of real walnut strips, surrounded on all sides by leather and faux-painted heavily weathered steel. While some CnC work went into trimming the outer shapes, all accents like the large rivets and engraved sections were carved and shaped by hand.

A set of leather straps attach to the back for wielding, and a custom leather tooling stamp was created to emboss the Curse logo into each of these accents.  Included with this commission was a welded steel wall mount complete with loops for each rear strap to make sure nobody accidentally knocks it off the wall.