Diablo 4 Weapons for Blizzcon 2019

For the reveal of the much-anticipated Diablo IV at Blizzcon, our studio was tasked with filling out the weapons rack showcase for the “Diablo Experience” – a themed area in the Anaheim Convention Center where Blizzcon attendees could get an up-close look at real world assets from the world of Diablo created by various artists and studios.

Created in just under 3 weeks, our replicas showcase a diverse range of construction techniques needed to create replicas from in-process assets. At the time of Blizzcon 2019, Diablo IV was still some time away from release and game assets were far from final. References for these this project ranged from highly detailed ZBrush models used in creating the “Hellhammer” to a single concept illustration sketch for the blood soaked “Staff of Agony”. A variety of skills – hand-carving walnut timber, dying jute rope, applying chrome paint, painting synthetic wet-look blood – ensured we had the most realistic finishes possible to give Blizzcon attendees the feeling that these were really summoned artifacts of Sanctuary.