Soul Calibur Armory

A favorite franchise of the founder of Volpin Props, Soul Calibur is a property that was visited frequently when the company was becoming established in early 2011. Highlighted here are the sisters Sophitia and Cassandra’s weapons and shields: The Omega Sword and Elk Shield, and the Digamma Sword and Nemea Shield. 

While both shields are a combination of vacuum formed elements and hand sculpted epoxy clay, the swords are far more disparate in construction techniques. Cassandra’s sword, showcasing brass accents and a blue handle wrap, is built mostly from turned lumber and styrene. Sophitia’s Sword was completed much later and features a cold cast aluminum finish over urethane castings. The finished blades are 32″ long from pommel to tip and weigh roughly 2lbs a piece. Created as costuming accessories, they’re blunted to be convention safe!