Emily’s Crossbow (The Blacksparrow) Dishonored 2

Created for the release of Dishonored 2, Emily’s Crossbow (internally referred to as the “Blacksparrow”) is comprised of over 60 individual components including a hand carved Sapele hardwood stock. All of the separate parts assemble via screws and bolts; the completed replica requires no glue in order to hold it together. The final replica employed the use of nearly every complex bit of machinery in the Volpin Props workshop, using a mix of resin casting, 3D printing laser cutting, CnC milling and traditional machining work on hand a operated mill and lathe. Since the bow was never designed to be set down in the physical world, a display stand was fashioned out of more Sapele to properly showcase the replica.

Bethesda Games specifically requested this replica be created with all of the available in-game upgrade items, making the final piece a very complex assortment of clockwork mechanisms and weighted accessories. Once completed, the Blacksparrow was given away during a promotional livestream on Bethesda’s twitch.tv channel to create community activity leading up to the worldwide premier of the game. Congratulations to the winner!