Fishbones T-Shirt Cannon, Arcane

We’ve made Fishbones, Jinx’s rocket launcher from League of Legends, twice before. Both times it was a challenging project with articulating jaws and embedded electronics, but the crew at the LCS asked us to rip the knob off with this project. This Fishbones is built around a functional custom-made T-shirt cannon capable of firing swag over 150 feet!

Internally, a compressed gas cylinder holds 4500psi of pressure that flows through a pair of electronic solenoids to propel shirts and plush toys across half a football field. The mechanisms are held in place by a custom designed welded aluminum frame which holds the air pressure tanks, air lines, battery and illumination circuits. Every body panel is removable should any of these components require maintenance or repairs after LCS events.

The body of Fishbones is based off 3D models used in the production of Arcane, modified and simplified for physical fabrication. Each piece was molded and cast in epoxy with glass fiber reinforcement to make parts that are extremely lightweight but also strong and robust. Since Fishbones is going to be used to hype the crowd at LCS events, we wanted to make sure he was sturdy! Another essential element is the long acrylic barrel; this extends well past Fishbones’ jaw in order to make certain that no projectile gets caught up in his teeth. Accompanying the launcher was a 15-page instruction manual so anyone who picks this air cannon up knows exactly how to operate it safely!