Greyhawk Helmets, Godfall PS5 Launch

To promote both the launch of the PlayStation 5 and the launch title Godfall, Gearbox required sixty copies of their “Grayhawk” armor set helmet, complete with illuminated display stand, to be produced and shipped internationally to specially selected influencers and personalities.

Our team started with low resolution game assets and created a replica helmet capable of physical production, designed to facilitate both streamlined production as well as maximum fidelity. The final replicas are composed of nearly 30 discrete components; we produced over 2,000 cast pieces to create these helmets over the 5 week span of this project. 

Critical to this project’s success was the idea that each helmet unboxing needed to be an experience – not just a fun thing in a bland box. In addition to the helmets themselves, we were responsible for designing functional packaging that would add to the overall premium feel of the replica. Each helmet shipped in a full printed box with custom cut foam to ensure the helmets arrived safely. Opening the box reveals a vacuumformed shell of the Grayhawk faceplate – this protected the helmets during shipping while also adding to the unboxing experience for both the influencers receiving these rare items as well as their millions of viewers following along.