Duels Axes, Hearthstone

Together alongside our larger N’Zoth Carnival Ride for Blizzcon’s virtual experience in 2020, our team brought to life the exaggerated proportions of the axes featured in Hearthstone’s latest game mode “Duels”

With a similar short timeline for production and sharing those dates with the N’Zoth ride, our team had to move quickly to complete these pieces! 3D models were created using the in-progress logo of the Duels game mode as our only reference. Each axe is roughly 2 feet long and composed of cast urethane resins with foam backfilling to save weight. Exaggerated contrast and vibrant colors for both the metal and translucent gems evoke the hallmark Hearthstone aesthetic while steel reinforcements on the interior of each piece give them the durability our replicas are known for!