Holophonor, Futurama

What started out as an unloved and uncleaned student’s clarinet purchased at a thrift store was gradually transformed into one of the more unique musical instruments in science fiction lore. Most of the original clarinet parts remain intact and still articulate on their original springs and hinges. The bell of the instrument houses 54 LEDs which strobe and fade with the same patterns shown in Futurama. The illumination in this instrument can operate on wall power through a small jack near the bell, or on three AAA batteries housed in the lower section of the main body.

As a nod to the Futurama episode “The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings” a display stand was created which features two robot devil hands. You can read about the build process behind the Holophonor here.

Only a few people in the whole universe can play one of these, and they’re not very good at it.