Kaalgrontiid, Elder Scrolls Online

To promote the #SlayDragonsSaveCats event held in Elder Scrolls Online, our studio was hired to create two busts of the elder dragon Kaalgrontiid for Bethesda Softworks. Entrants who fought dragons in-game generated real world donations from Bethesda toward non-profit animal assistance groups and were simultaneously entered to win prizes like our sculpt!

Kaalgrontiid is over two feet from tip of nose to wall mount and features dozens of individually sculpted details; thirty-six teeth, six massive horns, seventeen smaller spikes, four gill fins and a realistic glossy tongue. The main body was entirely hand-sculpted over a 3D printed armature using a pre-production high definition zBrush sculpt as reference.

Final castings were completed in a variety of semi-translucent resins to emulate the look of bone, teeth and horns. An additional layer of clear epoxy over the teeth gives our buddy Kal an uncomfortable realism and wet look to his mouth – simultaneously our favorite and most disturbing aspect of the sculpt!