League of Legends MSI Opening Ceremonies Mask

A combination of traditional eastern art and a splash of futurepunk were mashed up to create the center stage violinist’s mask for the Riot Games’ 2019 Mid Season Invitational. Created with lightweight epoxies and foams, comfort and visibility for the musician was key in creating this piece. Since the artist was on the other side of the planet, we wouldn’t have access to them in order to create a head cast or take in-person measurements. A series of photos were exchanged and a rough 3D model was created for us to model the mask as close as possible to ensure a close but comfortable fit.

Neoprene tubes comprise the hair element, hollow and counterweighted against the front of the mask to reduce any neck strain on the wearer. A series of thin leather straps holds the mask in place around the back of the head, and a neoprene balaclava hides the neck of the performer to further accentuate the cyberpunk look.