MOA, Warframe

The Moa, a customizable robotic companion in Warframe, was constructed for Tennocon 2019. Built as a highlight piece for fans to see in person during their own convention for all things Warframe, we built and shipped this sculpture in 4 weeks for his Canadian debut!

Our Moa is constructed of roughly 250 digitally sculpted components, 3D printed on our array of a dozen rapid prototype machines and assembled over a custom welded steel frame. The largest part of our construction time was spent making sure every part fit together perfectly and appeared as clean, machined robot parts. The statue features nearly 70 LEDs throughout the body and head and stands freely without the need of any external supports. Our team handled everything from digital sculpture of new high-definition assets to final crating and customs paperwork for his international trip.

Micah Moore was hired to document the construction of the project as well as edit a series of Instagram and YouTube specific teasers and build videos. This debuted two days ahead of Tennocon to give fans a bit of a taste of what they could see in person at the convention.