Naafiri Dagger Influencer Kits, League of Legends

For the launch of the newest champion in League of Legends, Riot Games wanted to send out 10 bespoke and exclusive kits to some of the biggest LoL influencers on the globe. Naafiri is a haunted dagger that possesses a pack of wolves, and Riot was looking to replicate the dagger from her teaser launch video alongside some lore-specific elements.

Those elements include a custom-designed display case that emulates the Shurima aesthetic from League of Legends as well as a handwritten note on papyrus from the in-game researcher who discovered the long-lost blade. Display boxes were painted to simulate sandstone with rough woven black linen to pad the dagger during shipping.

Each dagger is 14″ long, with simulated red skin, leather handle wraps, and gold plated counterweights. Faux-glass eyes were hand painted to match game references, with black pointed teeth lining the backside of the blade. Inside each dagger is a small magnet, which is tied to an electronic trigger inside the display case. When lifted, an amplified speaker hidden inside the box calls out to the bearer of the blade in a booming voice with audio directly from the game!



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Since each of the 10 kits went to different countries, each display box note was written in a different language. A few of the boxes even had region-specific language for the audio that was played when the dagger is lifted as well. An 11th copy is supposedly somewhere in Riot HQ, ready to greet new Rioters to campus in an ominous manner.