National PUBG League Trophy

As part of a suite of new designs for 2019, we were contacted by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to create 3 new designs for their top tier Esports tournaments. The first of the three was for the North American league, known as the NPL.

Both the design and construction processes were on extremely short deadlines, as the trophy had to go from concept to delivered final product in less than three weeks. This necessitated the implementation of a host of new processes in our fabrication practice which we continue to utilize on many Esports projects to meet the immediate deadlines of our industry. The NPL trophy stands at 28″ in total height and is rhodium chrome plated for a mirror-finish shine. A construction video followed the creation of this piece, highlighting both the pace and teamwork needed to bring it to life, and was showcased during the NPL finals in 2019 so audience members could see what goes into creating these iconic sculptures.