Poltergust G-00, Luigi’s Mansion 3

When Nintendo wanted to let industry influencers feel what it was like to wear the iconic Poltergust from the Luigi’s Mansion series, they reached out to Volpin Props to create the most accurate version of this complex vacuum to ever be created. Debuting at a special preview event for games industry press and brand ambassadors, the finished replica not only needed to look the part, but have many hidden features such as adjustable strapping, illumination, and even a feature that allowed the vacuum to both suck and blow air from a set of internally mounted fans!

Starting from provided game assets, our team was able to recreate the models for real-world prototyping and production. Hours of sanding were matched with equal time and effort getting the complex electronics to operate, all while keeping the final weight as low as possible. Built to withstand the rigors of public use at a crowded promo event, we’re proud to say the finished result was a huge hit and a big smash at the preview party.