Steel Axe & Shield of Whiterun, Skyrim

The Steel Axe and Shield of Whiterun were created as cosplay accessories, but still had to meet our exacting standards for accuracy and finishing. Both pieces needed to emulate the look of real metal and wood as accurately as possible but still be convention safe and lightweight.

The axe was hand sculpted from epoxy clay prior to moldmaking and cold casting with aluminum powder. All parts are resin cast around a steel core. Aluminum polish was used in to give a reflective metallic shine to the axe head, neck and pommel. The finished piece weighs 2.5lbs and measures 26″ long. The shield features a hand carved wood veneer over an expanded polystyrene core. Deeper grain lines were added to the veneer in order to better represent the heavily weathered aesthetic shown in Skyrim.

After its costume duties were finished, the shield found new life as a gaming room coffee table! A set of repurposed mahogany legs were combined with a new set of oak supports, while a 24″ sheet of glass keeps the painted front from any beverage spills and water rings.