Terrible Shotgun, Fallout 3

Completed as both a collectable piece and slated to be showcased in the web series Nuka Break, the Terrible Shotgun is a unique weapon from the Fallout universe, and one of the most deadly at close range.

This replica uses mostly metal parts; the barrel and heat shield are aluminum, as well as the trigger mechanism, sight and forward pump piston. Two drum magazines were built and lock into place with magnetic catches to make on-screen mag changes possible. A cocking lever on the right side is spring loaded, as is the trigger. The rear stock and forward grip were cut from red oak. Assembled, the shotgun weighs over 8lbs.

The butt plate of the shotgun bears the logo of Dracogen, one of the contributors to the Nuka Break series as well as the actor who will be wielding this shotgun on-set.

Photography by:  Dan Almasy