Toyota GR Super Sport Hypercar Replicas

In 2020, Toyota launched a brand new Hypercar for the 2021 World Endurance Championship: the GR101 Hybrid. The road-going version, called the GR Super Sport, was to be one of the most exclusive vehicles ever offered for sale. A mere 50 would be produced and sold to private owners worldwide.

Our studio was tapped to recreate the GR Super Sport in 1:8 scale as a display model. We replicated the GR in every minute detail – from the color-coded wheel nuts to brake calipers which house scale brake pads, heat tinted titanium exhaust outlets to color-matched Fuel and Hybrid charging doors, nothing was missed. We even sourced the actual GR paint that Toyota will eventually use on the production GR Super Sports! This effort was repeated in 1:18 scale as well, resulting in two matched scale replicas. The 1:8 model is a little over 24″ long while our 1:18 scale copy is just under 11″ in length.

Additionally, we created fifty “wind tunnel models” – painted in GR production black, silver and red. Each one represents one of the very limited number of actual real-world vehicles that will be manufactured.