Team masks for Valorant “Last Chance Qualifiers”

Part of Valorant’s Esports schedule for 2021 included a wild card bracket for North American teams to become eligible to compete in the World Finals Competition. Runners up from the Masters tournaments were invited to participate in the LCQ: Last Chance Qualifiers

The theme for this event was a battle royale; gritty and rough competition for the final available spot at glory. Volpin Props was hired to create a set of masks to embody the three teams that would eventually vie for this place. We handled both all aspects of the project related to the mask designs; 2D concept work, 3D modeling and final fabrication. The 3D models were used in several promotional items including the competition reveal and promo images, and were also put into production as jewelry as part of a gift package for participating teams.

Each mask is a one-off creation, digitally sculpted and produced in resin before plating in copper and satin nickel. Weighted display bases were created that keep these large sculptures upright and secure during broadcast. Hand painted urethane accents push the “purge” vibe of the masks and give each a unique identity tied to the colors of the teams which they represent. In addition to the 3 main team masks produced for the event, we created a fourth mask – the snake – for the off chance that a final team would qualify for the competition.