Valorant Masters Tokyo Trophy

The Valorant Masters tournament was in its third year of running when the trophy for this mid-season competition required a redesign. We had created awards for the winning teams since 2020, but an upward trajectory of the tournament, gameplay, and fandom required a more prestigious design. Additionally, Valorant had developed a more concrete design language for their awards in 3 years of esports, helped in part by our Championship Trophy design in 2021.

The new design features direct game-related IP, which for the Tokyo event featured the Oni mask of Yoru, a Japanese character in the Valorant universe. Our design is modular and intended to be modified for future tournaments. The center “Radiante” panel can be altered for region specific tournaments to better tie in the event to the fans and city in which it’s held. This trophy is 18″ in height and composed of faux-stone panels with palladium-plated areas for the cup, base, and stem. Large black “Radianite” panels help to tie this design visually to the world championship trophy, creating a more homogenous trophy language across Valorant‘s tournaments.