Twitch Prime Verv Redeemer Kit, Warframe

Tennocon went virtual for 2021, and to help bring the active Warframe cosplay community closer to the action, the team at Digital Extremes asked us to create a replica of the Verv Redeemer – only this project wouldn’t be just about the end replica. Alongside the Redeemer, we were asked to create a set of 3D printing files as well as assembly instructions and a build video so any Tenno builder with a 3D printer could make their very own Verv Redeemer at home!

Our files were designed with a hobbyist builder in mind – someone familiar with cosplay and 3D printing, but who may not have access to a huge workshop with tons of expensive tools. We used simpler techniques and off-the-shelf materials to showcase how intricate replicas could be built with careful and clever application of time and effort. To aid our builders-at-home, we also included a PDF set of instructions for assembly, complete with decal sheets for graphics that could be printed off a regular inkjet printer! All of this was documented in a showcase video detailing the steps we took to bring the Verv Redeemer to life, showcased live during Tennocon and archived for anyone in the future to tackle this project.