WRATH Shotgun

Our third project for 3D Realms after a sentient robot arm and a glowing sci-fi crossbow followed the established trends of subtlety, restraint and delicate form that this publisher has become known for. Naturally, a four foot long 2-bore shotgun with glowing etched runes was next on the list. This replica debuted alongside the game WRATH: Aeon of Ruin at PAX East 2019, accompanying our Ion Maiden crossbow at the 3D Realms booth.

Nearly a foot and a half longer than any replica firearm our studio has produced to date, the WRATH Shotgun is cast from impact-resistant urethane around an aluminum central spine. The rear section composing the rune areas, grip, firing chamber and stock is cast in a single part for strength. Replaceable batteries hidden in the stock behind a magnetic panel power 20 LEDs embedded in the runes and firing pin. The barrels and rear castings are hollow with foam backfilling, meaning that despite it’s massive size the assembled gun weighs less than 10lbs. Not bad considering real 2-bore rifles tip the scales at over 40!