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Retroactively designed after my prop was completed, this blueprint shows my personal concept of what the interior architecture of one of the Adam syringes in Bioshock would look like. The re-purposed gasoline pump trigger now operates a spring-loaded plunger assembly and, through a system of one-way valves, repeated pumping of the handle will suck fluid out through the needle and pump it into the bottle reservoir! Admittedly I spent way too much time thinking of how this would best be accomplished and how long it would take to drain the blood out of the victim (8.6 seconds given adequate vacuum) but the result sure looks neat.

Print is stained with the blood of Dr. Yi Suchong because that guy was a total jerk and had it coming. It’s just printed on there, don’t worry.

The poster measures 24″x 18″ and is printed in high quality offset printing on engineering bond.

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