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The second in our line of Bioshock Splicer masks, this is the Cat Splicer! Reproduced under permission from Annatar2 and based on his Thingiverse model, This kit simplifies all the sanding you’d need to do to finish out a 3D printed piece and is far more lightweight too! The one-piece mask has been vac formed from .060″ white styrene plastic and barely weighs anything at all.

Mask is one-size-fits-most, and looks appropriately scaled to people with small to medium builds. Proportions might be slightly small if you’re a burly splicer! Eye holes measure 1.25″ distance from inside corners and 2.5″ apart from center of opening. Mask measures 7″ wide at widest point but is flexible to allow for some adjustment. It is recommended to add some forehead padding to prevent the mask from pressing too much against the tip of the nose.

This kit will require trimming and assembly before painting. Buyers familiar with prop kits will find this easy to assemble with a minimal amount of prep work needed before finishing.

Finished photo is of our own completed kit and is provided for reference only; if you would like more information about how this piece was made, as well as information on how to take it from its current state into a finished piece, please see our post on our blog:

Cat Splicer Mask project write-up here!

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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