Final Fantasy XI Kraken Club Kit


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No more spamming BCNMs for a terrible drop rate – you can have your very own KClub today! This resin replica was one of our very first builds back in 2009 and we’ve finally been able to produce a urethane kit for fellow XI fans to enjoy!

The resin kit measures 23.5″ long and weighs a little under 3lbs. Castings are hollow urethane resin back filled with expanding foam to reduce weight. There are only two parts – the upper club head and handle are a single piece, and the pommel will need to be attached after adding a handle wrap. We’ve designed the mold such that the seam line avoids all spikes, making cleanup a matter of a few minutes at most!

Kits are provided as raw urethane cast parts provided in gray or off-white resin and will need sanding, primer and paint in order to be finished replicas. Finished photo is for reference only!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in