HZD Replica Bow 3D Print Files


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Hunting robo-dinoasurs in the post-post apocalyptic American Midwest? You’ll need a sturdy bow to aid in your fights! Designed in Fusion 360 to work with FDM printers, this file collection contains all the models we used in our own replica, now tweaked to make production and assembly even easier. With special attention given to assembly and ease of printing, this model collection has the following:

  • Models are designed to use standard hardware available from retailers like McMaster-Carr
  • A hardware list will be provided in the file package, with both McMaster-Carr part numbers as well as generic hardware data if you choose to purchase hardware elsewhere
  • Large parts have been sliced to fit on a CR10 print bed. Minimum Z-height for printing the largest components is 260mm (10.1 inches)
  • Parts have been sliced to minimize support material and expedite printing times
  • Unsliced full size parts will be provided in the file package should you decide to slice your models differently than provided
  • Reference images for assembly are provided, as many of the parts are mirrored and look quite similar
  • Using the above-mentioned hardware, the bow will articulate once assembled as it does in-game
  • After assembly, the bow can be strung with a standard 54″ long bowstring and will articulate as it does in-game!

There are 20 models which will be used to create 44 printed components needed to assemble the entire bow. It is recommended to print this piece in PETG for strength and rigidity. This is not a beginner kit! Buyers should be familiar with both 3D printing as well as prop assembly in order to make these parts work correctly. Note that accessory items like beads, bow strings, feathers and ribbon which are present on the in-game model are not provided in this file package.

These files are sold for hobby use only, do not use for commercial or resale purposes. Downloads from purchase are limited to 5 and the download link will expire after 30 days from purchase.