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5(x) Matrix citcuitboards used to power the 8×40 LED matrix which displays text and patterns across the visor area in the Thomas helmet. This item includes the matrix boards only and no other accessories.

These are not intended for a beginner to electronics, and they do not come with a manual or any components installed. The buyer of this item will get a download code for a PDF which will contain product numbers, quantities, and retailers where you can purchase the necessary components (chips, resistors, LEDs, etc) to populate these boards.

If you want to purchase them, you should be comfortable with SMD soldering as well as the programming needed to get these boards up and running. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with Arduino, and also with the MAX7219 (or MAX7221) chips. More information about these can be found here for programming, or here for hardware and schematics.

Note: These are my V2 boards and are much easier to solder than the V1 boards. If you choose to also order the LED Matrix subvisor from my store, the holes in the upper visor align with the mounting holes in these boards. Images of finished boards shown below are for reference only, actual printed boards will be purple with gold solder pads. Image of subvisor and fans is for reference only and are not included in purchase of this pack.

Circuit boards are made-to-order and take approximately 14 business days for production before they can be shipped.

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