Zelda Bow of Light Raw Casting Kit


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Everything you need to take Ganon down a peg!

This kit is for one set of urethane resin castings of Princess Zelda’s “Bow of Light” from Twilight Princess along with one Light Arrow.

One kit contains 17 parts:  Grip, 3 Upper Limb components, 3 Lower Limb components, 4 Riser Detail Pucks, 2 Arrow Shaft Components, 1 Arrow Head, and 3 Fletchings.  These components are cast from off-white urethane resin, with 4 Limb Components reinforced with aluminum support rods and 2 Limb Components back-filled with rigid foam for weight savings.  Each kit only weighs 3.5lbs, and is over 53″ long!

This kit will require sanding of seam lines and light filling in some areas as well as pins installed between sections for additional strength. Buyers familiar with prop kits will find this easy to assemble with a minimal amount of prep work needed before finishing.

Finished photo is of our own completed kit and is provided for reference only.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 12 in