How much does a finished piece cost?

The short answer is, it all depends. Many factors such as deadline, finish, concepting work and quantity must be considered. Quality and precision are the cornerstones of our work, and that work takes time. We won’t take on a project if we cannot guarantee it will meet our exacting standards.

When emailing to request a commission quote, please be aware that some of our most intricate work is the result of hundreds of hours of build time combined with an equal investment in material expenses. We will always work with our clients to provide the best possible pricing in order to deliver work that meets our high standards.

Do you offer design services as well as fabrication?

Absolutely! We routinely handle 2D concept design and 3D modeling for our projects and can also work with existing assets if needed. We have several freelance illustrators we routinely work with in order to bring to life many of our Esports trophies as well as prop items like weaponry and armor. We can even turnkey design on full figurines! We’re more than capable of bringing your vision into reality regardless of whether or not any assets have been designed.

Will you make ______?

Short version: maybe. Long version: Building a prop will depend on several factors including budget, deadline, our current commission schedule, shop capabilities, and what you want created. If you’re interested in getting a quote or inquiring about availability, click here to be taken to the custom commissions form.

Are the finished props I see on your portfolio for sale? If not, can you make _____ again?

Our portfolio is a showcase of our past work, and we do not have any finished items “in stock.” Almost everything we build is constructed on a commission basis and has been paid for and claimed months in advance. In the case of industry projects, these pieces are exclusive to the company that hired us for the work and we cannot replicate that work outside of the request of our original clients.

Will you make something for my charity?

We do participate in charity events when our schedule allows for some wiggle room, but due to our rather busy commission calendar and budgeting, we cannot take on charity projects on request.

Do you take on apprentices/interns?

Due to the tight turnaround on our projects as well as the exacting standards requested by our clients, apprenticeships/internships aren’t likely to be an offering at our studio for the foreseeable future.

How long have you been making props?

Our team has over 50 collective years of building experience! Most of our staff started our propmaking and SFX backgrounds between 2008 and 2011 and have worked across multiple disciplines in their careers.

I’d like a full costume or a full set of armor. Can you build that for me?

We don’t have the ability to work on soft goods (leather, cloth) for clothing, but we’re more than happy to work on armor or accessories that would complete a costume! If you’re looking for a turn key solution, we do partner with other local studios capable of doing soft goods work. With their assistance we can definitely make what you need!

How many people work at Volpin Props?

There are currently five full time artists and one studio manager, and up to ten outside contractors that work with our studio. The number of people active in our studio will vary from week to week depending on our project workload.

Will you make me a Daft Punk helmet?