Wig Head and Helmet Bracket 3D Print Files



After searching online for an off-the-shelf solution for a growing cosplay wig storage solution, nothing seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. Naturally, we made our own! These brackets have been designed to print with a minimum of support material and be easy to assemble. Three different sizes are provided for larger wigs or even helmets with large overhangs. The brackets will position the center post 7, 8, or 9″ from a wall depending on which one you choose to print. Also included are two base “cups” which are designed to hold either a 0.75″ diameter PVC pipe, or a 1″ PVC pipe. Most wig heads we’ve encountered fit the 0.75″ snugly (keep in mind that PVC is measured with inner diameter, so these are actually 1.05″ and 1.315″ housings, respectively. If you want to buy 1″ OD tube to work with these brackets, print the 0.75″ PVC parts!)

Don’t have any wig heads? No problem! There are two top domes, designed with a recessed plug to accept 0.75″ and 1″ PVC to easily display helmets or wigs on. All you need to do is cut your plastic pipe to the desired length, glue everything together and you’re set! Designed originally to work with a French cleat system, these can just as easily be screwed to a wall for permanent storage with four countersunk screws.

In our tests, one of these brackets printed in PLA on an Ultimaker 2+ (0.2 layer height, 0.8mm nozzle, 2 exterior walls and 20% infill) was able to hold twelve pounds before breaking! Plenty enough for any cosplay helmet, though your results will depend on your quality of print. We recommend printing with a little extra nozzle flow to really get the layers to adhere well and improve strength.