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Nightingale Bow, Skyrim

11 Sep 2013 / in

Created in about three days, the Nightingale Bow was built to accent the Ancient Nord armor project for DragonCon 2013. Since speed was key in this project, this is a one-off with no molds or cast parts. Since this is a cosplay accessory, the bow has been made with weight and durability in mind and uses spruce for the main structure with details sculpted directly over the wood in epoxy clay. A 12″ long steel rod connects the bow arms to the handle and provides strength.

The bowstring is made from elastic and has been created with a centered twist knot that holds the arrow in place when nocked. This prevents the bow from actually firing, making this a convention safe prop incapable of launching a projectile any more than a few feet, even if you accidentally let loose an arrow. I’ve tried, and it’s actually far more deadly and efficient to just throw the arrow at your target.